Contagion movies disease outbreak
11 May 2020

5 Great Movies Based on Virus Outbreak

In an unprecedented turn of events that resulted in Coronavirus being termed as a pandemic, the start of the new decade has been fraught with anxiety, worry and global transformation....

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Projector screen
24 April 2020

The Distance Between a Projector Screen and You

A home theatre system offers the ultimate movie experience. There is nothing like lying back in your most comfortable recliners and enjoying a movie marathon on the projector screen. However,...

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11 April 2020

Maintenance of a Home Theatre Screen

A projection screen is the most noticeable part of your Home Theatre system. It’s also the most exposed to damage and grime. To avoid getting dusty or dirty, Use dry...

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Projector screen vs T.V
26 March 2020

Projector Screen vs T.V

Projector screens The biggest feature of a projector screen is that the size is not an issue as you could turn an entire wall into a screen if you really...

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Home theatre
11 March 2020

The Shifting Culture from Cinema to Home Theatre

How home viewing will slowly take over the theatrical cinema experience.   The movie business is always changing and the box office numbers are also affecting in recent years. In...

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Types of Projection Screen Febrics
20 February 2020

Types Of Projection Screen Fabrics

There are several different types of projector screens used for corporate offices, home theatres, and auditoriums. The decision concerning what type, size, and the price range of the projector screen...

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07 February 2020

HDR vs. SDR: How Different is the Experience?

When comparing recent projection screens to the older models, one of the biggest differences between the two is the widespread ability to read an HDR signal. How important is HDR,...

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Designing an home theater
23 January 2020

Things to Look Out For While Creating A Home Theater Experience.

Going to the movies is one of those activities that just doesn’t grow old. There’s just something special about sitting in pitch black, seeing the picture flash across the big...

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