Front Projection Lumina screens
09 December 2019

An Ultimate Guide About Front Projection and Rear Projection

Are you confused about which projection screen to choose? Want quick information about the front and rear projection?  Here's an ultimate guide that will help you know in-depth about what's...

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Lumina screens at Indywood Film Market 2019
02 December 2019

Lumina Screens Highlights New Screen Leor 12 At Indywood Film Market 2019

Indywood Film Market – it’s where filmmakers, production houses, technology providers and aspiring artists converge to make the dream of a unified Indian film industry a reality. And of course,...

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LUMINA screens at Broad cast India Show
27 November 2019

Lumina Screens Announced their Latest Product Leor 12 at Broadcast India Show 2019.

Lumina Screens, the flagship brand of Galalite  Screens unveiled their latest ambient light rejecting projection screens Leor 12 at the 2019 Broadcast India Show. The premium projection screen comes with...

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Projector screen
18 November 2019

Selecting a Projector Screen that makes Outdoor Viewing Experience Totally Worth It.

A high-quality projector screen has anti-reflective properties and a wide viewing angle. You want to look for a screen with a 1.1 Gain, or as close to that as possible...

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Projection screen vs LED
09 November 2019

Projection Screen vs LED

Direct view LED displays are great for large venues with high levels of ambient light. But there is an alternative way to deliver high-quality images on big displays! A way...

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immersive experience
31 October 2019

An immersive cinematic experience: It all starts with choosing the right projector screen

Are you looking forward to upgrading your office conference room or want to create the ultimate home theater space? then a top-quality projector screen should be an essential part of...

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lcd protection
24 October 2019

LCD vs 3LCD vs Laser Projection: Which is Right for You?

Have you ever wondered how the magic of an LCD projector works? How the white light generated by the lamp really turns into an image? We at Lumina Screens are...

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netflix Streaming Projection screen
25 September 2019

Netflix — the Streaming Giant on Projection Screen

Netflix is an OTT (over-the-top) media service provider that allows users to stream content via the Internet at any place or time. Netflix is one of the most popular platforms...

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