netflix Streaming Projection screen
25 September 2019

Netflix — the Streaming Giant on Projection Screen

Netflix is an OTT (over-the-top) media service provider that allows users to stream content via the Internet at any place or time. Netflix is one of the most popular platforms...

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OTT Blog
07 September 2019

How does the importance of home theatre has increased after the OTT platforms have emerged?

OTT is the most popular term in entertainment right now as it sits at the center of the inevitable and unstoppable merger between the worlds of television and digital video....

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Lumina screens typewriter
19 August 2019

Lumina Screens Used at the Premiere of ‘Typewriter’

With a rapid increase in the range of streaming services delivering content right to your home, there arises the need of having a perfect setting where you can watch them...

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Lumina Projection screens
06 August 2019

Lumina Screens Installed at Annapurna Studios

Lumina Screens has been at the forefront of supplying projection screens that are optimum for a small-scale viewing experience. Providing a wholesome feel in limited space has been its target...

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31 July 2019

The Science Behind Projector Throw Distance

A sound understanding of throw distance calculations is crucial for integrating projectors in offices, educational institutions, and home entertainment systems. Knowing the science behind the calculations is the key to...

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20 July 2019

It Isn’t That Complex After All: Enhancing Your Entertainment Experience With Home Theatre

A home theatre addition to your home is not only a great investment in considering the calculation but also brings hours of enjoyment to you and your entire family. With...

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26 June 2019

Introduction to 4K

What is 4K, and how does it work? You may have heard the term 4K when exploring home theatre options, screen displays, and TV formats. But what is 4K and...

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Projection Screen Lumina Screens
07 June 2019

The Science Behind Watching a Movie on a Projection Screen

When the lights in the movie theatre dim and cell phones are muted, the movie is about to begin. In the dark, you can hear an occasional cough or the...

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